Blake Griffin went up … way up against the Jazz on Tuesday night for one of the best dunks of the year, and the finish was Chappelle’s Show throwback we never knew we needed.

It might look normal enough, or as normal as any thunderous yamming dunk can be — but it was Blake’s rim hang at the end that makes this one special. Maybe it was intentional, perhaps it was by accident, but it looked an awful lot like the 2004 Chappelle’s Show sketch “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories – Prince – Uncensored.”

Maybe it’s all a coincidence and Griffin never intended to almost-perfectly recreate a 13-year-old sketch — but the moment’s likeness is uncanny. It’s the emotionless backwards hang on the rim that sells it.

The Clippers were ready to declare this an homage, regardless of whether you think Blake did it on purpose or not.

And naturally people loved it.

Game. Blouses.