The Warriors put on a cruel clinic in Game 4 against the Trail Blazers, as they swept the series in four games. All Portland’s Twitter account could do was watch, and through it all became one of the most fun things on Monday night.

Golden State outscored the Blazers 45-22 after the first quarter.

At halftime the score was 72-48.

Most of the time scoring 80 in three quarters would be enough, but the Warriors scored 106.

In the fourth quarter the team tried its best to muster some jokes.

In the end the team was pure class.

There was one final matter to settle — with Chance The Rapper. Before the series everyone noticed that Chance had a concert in Oakland the same night Game 5 would have taken place, if the series went that long. It became a funny footnote to the belief that the Warriors would dominate the Blazers.

Naturally the team didn’t let that go.

You had a great season Blazers, and a bright future. We’ll miss you, and your amazing Twitter account during the rest of the playoffs.