Jennings has a history of instigating.

Brandon Jennings can be an instigator, so you knew he would jump into the newly minted Celtics-Wizards rivalry with unbridled enthusiasm. Here he is stopping right in Terry Rozier’s path just because.

Rozier shouldn’t have shoved Jennings, but the dude was in his way. I get it. Both players received technical fouls for the incident.

If this looks familiar, it should. Jennings pulled a similar move on the Wizards during a preseason game when he was a member of the Knicks.

Jennings was up in the face of Casper Ware, a training camp invite who didn’t even make the Wizards’ final roster. Wizards coach Scott Brooks was so annoyed that he wouldn’t even mention Jennings’ name when asked about the incident.

But now Jennings is a Wizard, proving the old adage that you’d hate the antics if he was on the other team, but love him if he’s on yours.

Source : SBnation