The Milwaukee Bucks have been clowning the Raptors all series. From them playing Barney theme music in the arena, to this hilarious moment from Giannis after the Bucks curb-stomped the Raptors 104-77

Even though the Bucks lost Game 4, 87-76, their jokes on Saturday were hilarious. They brought they Barney theme back.

In addition to Barney, Bango the Buck had some nice Raptors-themed zingers of his own. Let’s take a look, shall we?

I have to admit, that’s pretty clever. Let’s check out the next one!

I like the pose that it did after the punch-sign. Bango the Buck knew that he was revealing his comedic genius to the masses so he had to have the right pose. I understand.


Despite all their efforts, the Bucks lost Game 4 to the Raptors 87-76.

It’s finally time for the Raptors to crack some jokes.

Because win or lose, jokes gotta fly.

Ball is life.