Carmelo Anthony seems ready to embrace Oklahoma City and he’s brought his hoodies with him. The best part about this offseason was being formally introduced to Anthony’s better half: Hoodie Melo.

He’s made appearances in multiple hooping sessions across the country, but is now ready to make appearances in NBA arenas. (Via Bryan Keating)

All the questions so far about the trade between the Knicks and the Thunder surround how Anthony will adjust to playing with two other ball-dominant players.

Will he come off the bench!? HA. Please. (Via Darren Rovell)

It’s Hoodie Melo’s world.

Honestly? The most important question we should be asking as proper journalists is whether the NBA will allow Anthony to wear hoodies during games.

It would be a shame if they didn’t. There’s not a better player in this league than Hoodie Melo, and that includes Anthony himself. Did you really think Anthony alone would help the Thunder topple the Warriors? No, it’s impossible.

Hoodie Melo, though? Now we’re talking. I’ve never seen him miss a shot, therefore he has never missed a shot. I’ve never seen him get scored on, therefore he has never been scored on. And he probably never will be.

The Thunder knew exactly what they were doing when they acquired Anthony. There’s Anthony, and then there’s Hoodie Melo. You cannot have one without the other.

And, thankfully for Oklahoma City fans, the Thunder now have both.