Chuck paid a co-worker for the rights to cut his hair.

Charles Barkley is good at a few things. Cutting hair likely isn’t one of them. On Monday night during a segment on TNT’s Inside the NBA, the former NBA Most Valuable Player tried his hand at barbering. The results were not so good.

Chuck paid a TNT staffer named Andy $1,000 to cut the “man bun” off his head. You can see the agony as Barkley butchers the back of his hair. He then hands Andy his chopped-off bun as a consolation prize.

$1,000 may not be much to Chuck, who hauled in nearly $30 million in salary during his tenure in the NBA. But for the normal human being, a rack can change a day, if not a week or a month. Hair will grow back. Splurging Barkley’s money only comes around once.

I wouldn’t let Barkley touch the beautiful set of hairs on my head, but I can’t fault the man who takes that offer.