Kevin Durant got caught with a fake Instagram account, and probably fake Twitter accounts too. It was weird. The whole thing was weird, really, including when Durant opened up about it to the public earlier in the week, and also to Draymond Green.

Draymond was of course Draymond in response to his distraught teammate.

I talked to him through text the day of. And then the next day I saw him in person and laughed in his face. I got a good laugh at it. It’s pretty funny to me. I reminded him of my mishap at USA basketball. The day my mishap happened, I was stressed out and I remember them laughing at my face, from him to DeMarcus [Cousins] was probably the worst. And the beat goes on. They laughed in my face, so this is a little payback. And it felt pretty damn good.

This is a pretty classic Draymond response, and he brings up that Durant was one of many who laughed at him when he accidentally showed everyone his penis through his Snapchat story.

This was revenge for Green, and it shows how quickly he and Durant have bonded over the course of a year.