Draymond Green doesn’t think certain franchises should leave their respective cities.

The NFL approved the Oakland Raiders’ move to Las Vegas on Monday after a 31-1 vote in favor of the move. After the Warriors’ game against the Houston Rockets, Draymond Green was asked about the Raiders move to Las Vegas, and wasn’t supportive of it.

“I feel bad for the city,” Green told reporters. He added that he wouldn’t pay money to see any more games. “If I was the fans, I wouldn’t attend a game for the next year,” he said.

“That’s like moving the Dallas Cowboys, or like moving the Packers,” Green said. “Moving the Raiders? You can move a lot of teams, ain’t many fan bases like the Raiders fan base.”

He put it in NBA terms, as well. “It’s like moving the Boston Celtics from Boston, the Lakers from L.A., you just don’t move certain franchises.”

Aside from losing the team, Green doesn’t think a franchise like the Raiders should be moved out of the metropolitan area of their city. “It’s one thing if you’re moving them from Oakland to Fremont or something, but Las Vegas?”

The Warriors are going to be making a move similar to the one Green referenced soon. They’ll be leaving energetic Oracle Arena in Oakland in 2019 for the Chase Center in San Francisco.

Surely he wouldn’t be happy if the Warriors moved to Seattle or Mexico City.

Source : SBnation