Did you know that yesterday was National Pancake Day? If you didn’t, you’re probably going to react in one of two ways. You’re either just going to acknowledge it and go about your day or you might make some pancakes when you get home. Breakfast for dinner is always a great idea. Then there are a select few who will go all out. Dwyane Wade is one of these pancake aficionados.

Wade rented out a Waffle House so he could celebrate this rich, buttery, filling day the way the National holiday gods intended it. Buying a round of drinks for your friends just took a backseat to renting out a Waffle House. Shots last a few seconds. Pancakes are an entire culinary journey.

Apparently there was BYOJ rule since one of Wade’s friends decided to bring his own apple juice to Waffle House. It’s unorthodox, for sure, but so is renting out an entire Waffle House for your boys so why not live it up. My only question is: is that juice for everyone?

Source : SBnation