The NBA season is back, which means a lot of things have shifted since the offseason. One of those things is where the Detroit Pistons play basketball.

The Pistons are now actually playing in downtown Detroit at the new Little Caesars Arena, after spending the past 39 seasons playing in the Pontiac Silverdome and The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Eminem was there to introduce the team, and it was — in a word — lit.

I’m not a Detroit Pistons fan, but Eminem hollering and introducing the Pistons in front of Detroit has me ready to run through a wall.

Last time Eminem said something that got me that hype was when B-Rabbit killed that final rap battle in 8 Mile.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go watch it, it still gets me pumped. The only way his introduction could have been better was if he started chanting “NOW EVERYBODY FROM THE 3-1-3, PUT YOUR MOTHERF***ING HANDS UP AND FOLLOW MEEE!”

Congratulations to the people of Detroit for getting their basketball team back.