On Friday night, a dad wanted to send a message to his son at the Cavs vs. Hornets game.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Charlotte Hornets
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It’s sweet, it’s tough love, he printed emojis. Thomas’ dad clearly loves him and wants to make sure he does well in school — which is great. Now the Hornets’ mascot, Hugo, is trying to win Thomas over.

Hey Thomas 👋 Hugo can help you out 😃 #BuzzCity

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Hugo wore a similar red shirt as Thomas’ dad and stood in the crowd on Tuesday night trying to woo Thomas to become a Hornets fan with promises of assistance. How would Hugo help the boy achieve better grades?

  1. Carefully and judiciously tutor him.
  2. Teach Thomas the true meaning of hard work and dedication to make him a self-starter.
  3. Find out his problem areas and find assistance from experts in their field.
  4. Purchase learning aids that would make the work fun.
  5. Find the teacher and threaten to break their legs unless the grades are changed.

Any of these would probably work.

Source : SBnation