The drama with the Knicks and James Dolan continues. On April 5th, Dolan and Knicks fan Mike Hamersky got into a shouting match, where Dolan called Hamersky an “asshole.” On April 11th, Hamersky tried to renew his season tickets and was unable to as reported by ESPN’s Ian Begley.

Hamersky tried several different methods to get his tickets renewed including via telephone and online. After finally becoming able to login online, there was no option for Hamersky to renew. He then tried calling the Knicks again but was disconnected. The Knicks organization had “nothing to add” when asked by ESPN about Hamersky being unable to renew.

In early April, Knicks fan Mike Hamersky yelled at Dolan outside Madison Square Garden to sell the team and Dolan chose to talk, er, shout it out with Hamersky.

According to Deadspin, Dolan asked Hamersky what he did for a living, and upon hearing he was a lawyer, said, “What if I showed up at your office and called you an asshole? Because you are an asshole!”

Dolan did confirm to Deadspin that “asshole” was the exact terminology he used.

“What if I told you, ‘You suck at your job?’ Or, ‘How do you like losing that case?”’

As the incident unfolded, Dolan instructed his security detail to bar Hamersky, a season tickets holder, from entering the game.

“He had an open bottle of beer and smelled of alcohol, and I told him he wasn’t going in,” Dolan tells me. Dolan adds that his friend and Eagles manager Irving Azoff, who was accompanying the owner during the fracas, agreed that the heckler reeked of booze.

Hamersky said he came to the game directly from teaching a class at Fordham School of Law, and could not have been intoxicated because there simply wasn’t time.

He did end up attending the game with his friend after he walked away from the Garden followed by guards, then looped back. His friend joked that he was going to get “Oakleyed.”

The two have more in common than Dolan sending security after them — Dolan also insinuated Charles Oakley was intoxicated during the incident in which he was forcibly removed from MSG earlier this year.

“To me, Charles has got a problem. We’ve said it before; he’s his own worst problem. People have to understand that. He has a problem with anger. He’s both physically and verbally abusive. He may have a problem with alcohol.”

In fact, he does this a lot. He’s called a fan who heckled him via email an alcoholic as well. Dolan himself has battled with alcoholism. He told that fan:

I just celebrated my 21 year anniversary of sobriety. You should try it.”