Lance Stephenson’s return to the Indiana Pacers has been more exciting than even his biggest fans could have imagined. From taking LeBron to double overtime on Sunday to being the emotional leader for a comeback win against the Raptors while also making P.J. Tucker and DeMar DeRozan extremely mad at him, it has been full of drama.

On Wednesday, Lance expanded a little more on his experience returning to the team that originally drafted him. Since his family no longer lives in the area, Stephenson is currently living out of a hotel. But it’s his transportation to and from the Pacers’ arena that is the best part. He’s jogging to practice through downtown Indianapolis.

Fans are pretty excited about having him back, too.

Since Lance signed a three-year deal with the team, he also spoke up about Paul George’s impending free agency. It looks like he’s taking a page out of Blake Griffin’s book when trying to keep DeAndre Jordan.

Stephenson has said many times he should have never left Indiana and it’s good to see him back where he belongs. It will be even better for Pacers’ fans if it helps Paul George stick around. Maybe he’ll tell him the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Source : SBnation