During the NBA offseason, LeBron James Instagram stories from the gym have become a staple — it seems like King James is always rapping along with a song, glaring into the camera and impressing us with his sweaty intensity.

But on Friday, LeBron took a break from the seriousness to joke around about everyone’s favorite topic — his own hairline.

Even LeBron likes to joke about his hairline 😂 📹: @kingjames

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OMG … I don’t know if I’ve ever seen LeBron laugh this hard — and it’s nice to see the full range of hairlines in attendance:

  • Dwyane Wade — lookin’ good.
  • LeBron James — ya know, could be better, could be worse.
  • Richard Jefferson — nonexistent.

But better yet is LeBron suggestion for growing more hair:

The whole video is hilarious, and it’s always great to see athletes and other Famous People™ making fun of themselves. Because, sure, LeBron could still destroy me in a game of one-on-one only using a single finger — but it’s fun to watch him joke around with his friends like everyone else.

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