Moe Harkless attempted 194 threes this season, but didn’t dare try to take one on Wednesday night. The Blazers forward had a curious incentive not to shoot from deep, and $500,000 was on the line.

There was a bonus built into Harkless’ contract that would pay him $500,000 if his three-point shooting was above 35 percent on the season. Entering the final game he was sitting at 35.1. A single missed three would have pushed him below the threshold and had him finish the season at 34.8 percent. So he did what he had to, and didn’t attempt a shot.

It wasn’t just this game, either. Harkless didn’t attempt a single three in his final four games. By ensuring he finished with 35.1 percent from behind the line, Harkless earned a cool $500,000. You’ve got the respect the hustle. If you think this was a coincidence and Harkless just happened to not get a good look, well, think again.

I guess dinners on me tonight 👌🏾 ahaha

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Props to Harkless for pulling the “dinner’s on me” card and going to a Mexican restaurant. That’s a thrifty-ass way to pay the bill when every dish is like, $15 tops.

Naturally, people felt he did the right thing by passing up a three in a meaningless final regular season game.

Bravo, Moe Harkless. You are an inspiration.