Oklahoma City only wins if Russ is Russ.

Russell Westbrook brought the Thunder back from the dead in a completely improbable comeback Monday, capped by his game-winner jumper with seven seconds remaining.

With 3:30 left in the game, the Thunder trailed, 91-78, and took a timeout. They had been struggling all night, and appeared to be dead in the water. Then Westbrook took over.

Westbrook scored 12 points as Oklahoma City made a 14-0 run to win the game, and his game-winner came on this pull-up jumper over Wesley Matthews. It was a violent explosion from Westbrook, in a way that only he can do.

Of course, Westbrook had a triple-double on Monday, too. He finished with 37 points, 13 rebounds, and 10 assists.

Westbrook is still absolutely in the MVP race, and this is the type of comeback that attracts the attention of voters. The only way Oklahoma City could have won on Monday was due to a supernatural effort from their best player, and Westbrook did exactly that. Sure, it took a stagnating Mavericks offense that tried too hard to get the game over with, but it did, with great defense from the Thunder included.

Source : SBnation