Having your season end on a game-winner is rough.

The Denver Nuggets were knocked out of the playoffs on Sunday thanks to a 35-foot buzzer-beater from Russell Westbrook. It was one of the coldest ways to end a season as the loss locked the Blazers into the playoffs, and kicked the Nuggets out. They literally watched their season end on a game-winner by the opponent. Since it was so cold, we decided to take a look back at the most brutal endings to seasons in NBA history.

“The Shot”

Michael Jordan knocks the Cavaliers out of the playoffs with this one. So historic. So much pain for Cleveland.

Damian Lillard knocks Houston out of the 2014 playoffs

Hearing and seeing Lillard clap for the ball never gets old. Watching your season go down the drain can’t be good either.

John Stockton’s game-winner in the 1997 Western Conference Finals

He sent the Jazz to the NBA Finals and sent the Rockets home with this shot. Sorry, Charles Barkley.

Anthony Davis’ double-clutch three-pointer

This shot put New Orleans two games ahead of Oklahoma City in the playoff standings and also gave the Pelicans the tiebreaker that kept the Thunder out of the playoffs.

It happens in college basketball all the time but it’s much more rare in the NBA. Ending your entire season on a buzzer-beater is rough. It’s fun for the winning team but such a bummer for the losers.

Source : SBnation