The Year of Russ continues!

Russell Westbrook completed his 40th triple-double of the season on Sunday in a loss to the Hornets. He finished the afternoon with 40 points, 13 rebounds, and 10 assists as the Thunder are now 31-9 in games in which Westbrook tallies a triple-double. Westbrook’s next triple-double will tie him with Oscar Robertson for most triple-doubles in a season. If he gets two more in the remaining six games, he’ll have the record himself.

But maybe the most Russell Westbrook thing that happened all game came late in the fourth quarter as he tried to complete an impossible comeback. With the Hornets beating the Thunder, 110-96, with 1:35 remaining, Westbrook got fouled on a three-point shot. He made the shot to bring the Thunder within 11.

But where Westbrook goes full Westbrook is that he missed his free throw on purpose in attempt to actually make it a five-point play.

He was called for a lane violation because the shooter must wait until the ball hits the rim while crossing the line. While other players can leave when the ball leaves the shooters hands, the shooter must wait. It’s too bad this didn’t work because it would have been one of the most Russ things he’s ever done.

Source : SBnation