What do you get the NBA superstar who has everything? A personalized potato, of course!

This tweet is distilled beauty. It’s like Dirk started writing the tweet with the package in front of him, and then finished it after opening it.

“Whoever sent me this ….

* unwraps package *


* pauses, looks confused *

“Much appreciated…”

The potato is from Potato Parcel, a company that lets you send a message on a potato. It can also be personalized to just have writing, or more elaborately decorated with an image of the person you’re sending it to.

Perhaps the best part of all this is just how meta Dirk getting a Potato Parcel is. The business was pitched on Shark Tank in 2016 where, you guessed it, Mark Cuban had a chance to invest in the company. He didn’t hate the idea, but wished the entrepreneurs well while making an awful pun.

“It’s not completely crazy,” Cuban said of the pitch, “but I need more substance and until then it’s just empty calories — so I’m out.”

If Dirk posting this potato image pushes the company into the stratosphere, this will be one of the best resolutions to a Shark Tank episode ever.

Source : SBnation