Welcome into Adams and Kanter’s home, where they share a love for mustaches and Russ.

It’s MVP campaigning season, and Oklahoma City has started things on an excellent note. Please watch this fantastic look into the home that Enes Kanter and Steven Adams share — obviously, they said they were roomies and they would never lie — while they pine for their leader and MVP candidate Russell Westbrook.

Why Steven Adams doesn’t love puppies, I cannot answer. Or The Notebook, or trees. Those are all great things to like. But it makes sense that both teammates love Westbrook, who is on pace to be the first person since Oscar Robertson in 1962 to average a triple-double.

Westbrook is still arguably lagging behind in the MVP voting, thanks to an equally ridiculous season from James Harden, whose Rockets are several spots higher in the Western Conference standings.

Still, tell me this isn’t a convincing argument. If you were an MVP voter, wouldn’t you be swayed? Just a little?

Source : SBnation