It sure seems like Kyrie Irving took a shot at LeBron with a message on his hat

From losing to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, to requesting a trade, to not even speaking with LeBron during that entire process, the relationship between Kyrie Irving and LeBron James deteriorated rather quickly.

Irving finally got his wish of being traded over a month ago when he was dealt to the Boston Celtics, but during an interview on Monday, it sure seemed like he taking a shot at his former teammate with a hat he was wearing.

During that postgame interview, reporters couldn’t help but to notice his hat read, “Popularity contests are not truth contests.”

It was just last week when LeBron described his emotions regarding Kyrie when he first heard about him wanting out of Cleveland.

“I had a ton of emotions,” James said. “I tried to do whatever I could to help the kid out to be the best player he could be, tried to help him be a better leader, a better scorer, a better floor general, a better defender, a better passer, a better leader vocally. I tried to give him as much of the DNA as I could, because at some point, when he was ready to take over the keys, I was ready to give them to him.”