NBA fashion has quickly become one of the best things in sports, and the quest for bold individuality is only surpassed by two players wearing the same clothing. Enter Patrick Patterson and P.J. Tucker of the Toronto Raptors.

Ahead of Game 4 against the Bucks, the pair found themselves in the locker room wearing the identical $990 t-rex sweater.

Tucker does his best to assert that he’s “owned this sweater for eight months,” to try and grant social ownership of the look, but it’s still hilarious. It doesn’t take long before Serge Ibaka runs over gleefully saying “It’s Christmas!” and asking for a family photo.

The indignity of wearing the same $990 sweater as your teammate and THEN having another person call them ugly Christmas sweaters is just too much. For now this can be entry 945,271 in “The NBA is just the friggin’ best.”