Charles isn’t a fan of Lonzo’s dad.

Charles Barkley threw some serious shade at LaVar Ball on Friday evening. Barkley, who was wearing a Kent State jersey, said he had animosity against the UCLA Bruins.

Barkley stopped and corrected himself, and said it was towards “Mr. Ball” adding that it was, “The one who can’t play. Who averaged 2 whole points a game.”

Ball made a comment that he would have been able to beat Michael Jordan back in his day. He was then criticized for his comments as he scored just two points per game in college.

Barkley said that he was going to wear UCLA’s opposition’s jersey until they lose because “he’s going to be following the camera around.”

He wore the jersey well, but it might take more than one round to get LaVar Ball out of the NCAA tournament discussion. Either way, Barkley and the elder Ball should provide for endless entertainment as long as the tournament is going on.

Source : SBnation