In the Elite Eight of the 2017 NCAA Tournament on Sunday, the No. 1 North Carolina Tar Heels beat the No. 2 Kentucky Wildcats, 75-73, in absolutely thrilling fashion. UNC’s Luke Maye hit a jump shot in the final seconds to get the victory.

Unfortunately for certain basketball fans in the Columbus, Ohio, television market, the CBS local news station in the area cut into the game’s feed for a breaking news alert for severe weather in the area. But instead of seeing a news crew, fans were left watching a blank screen in place of Maye’s amazing game-winner.

This is so incredibly unfortunate, and I can’t even imagine how upset viewers were, especially after seeing what they missed afterwards. And it’d be one thing for the viewers to be interrupted by an actual news break about the weather, but instead they saw just a big ol’ blank screen.

Hopefully the local news station issues some sort of apology on this one.

Source : SBnation