Soccer fever has taken over in Dayton.

The NC Central Eagles are facing off with the UC Davis Aggies in the early session of the First Four’s second night, and UC Davis jumped out to an early lead thanks to some Chima Moneke throwdowns and strong outside shooting.

But highlights are not at all the reason why we’re here. We’re here to admire NC Central’s Kyle Benton actively kicking an Aggie entrance pass from Siler Schneider. Benton throws out his leg as Schneider attempts to thread the needle, and the ball goes rocketing off screen on trajectory to land somewhere between the 10th and 35th rows of UD Arena.

Tuesday night saw Kansas State also overcome by soccer fever, as a Wildcat player kicked the ball the wrong way, forcing K-State to commit an over-and-back violation for a turnover.

The 2017 NCAA men’s soccer tournament kicks off later this year in December.

Source : SBnation