Having a stellar vision on the court makes basketball players look magical. A sneaky pass here and there makes them look super human. But then there’s otherworldly vision, one that apparently allows you to find a contact lens.

George Mason manager Bryce Johnson was able to find a lone lens on the court early in the team’s game against Fordham. Everyone else looks a bit perplexed during the break, but Johnson immediately spots the contact lens and starts walking toward it.

The only explanation is that this has happened to one of the players before and Johnson was able to catch it as the contact fell. There’s really no explanation. Either that or Johnson has microscopes for eyes. Probably the former.

I could barely find my contact lenses when I wake up in the morning even if they’re right in front of me. Is Johnson eligible to still play? Because that kind of vision on the court is phenomenal.

Source : SBnation