The No. 2 Kentucky Wildcats lost 75-73 to UNC on Sunday night, putting an end to both their 2016-17 season and the college careers to some of the true freshmen one-and-dones on John Calipari’s team. Two of those are De’Aaron Fox and Edrice Adebayo, who goes by “Bam.” After the last-second loss, both of them were visibly emotional in the locker room.

You can see both of the players in the video visibly upset, with Fox audibly being heard saying “I love my brothers.” Adebayo and Fox finished with a combined 26 points on the night.

Some may think Calipari’s farm system of recruiting one-and-dones means these are players who don’t care much for their college careers or teammates, but if this video shows anything, it’s that this is still important to these guys.

Source : SBnation