Florida Gulf Coast’s Demetris Morant has the weirdest free throw shooting form you will see today.

You know Florida Gulf Coast as Dunk City, the tiny school that rolled to the Sweet 16 as a No. 15 seed back in 2013 behind the power of sweet alley-oops. The Eagles are back in the tournament this year, and yes, they still dunk. But there’s something even more notable about FGCU this season than dunks.

I mean, look at this damn free throw:

This is Demetris Morant, the team’s starting big man and third-leading scorer. He shoots free throws the way you would shoot a heavy pumpkin, but it kind of works for him.

Morant shot only 47 percent from the line last year. This season? He’s up to 63.5 percent. That’s, like, almost respectable.

This isn’t the most notable free throw form of the tournament, because Florida’s Canyon Barry has that market covered. Still: pretty weird. And great. Whatever works for you, Demetris.

Source : SBnation