Because TV is so yesterday.

There was a time before time when you couldn’t watch all of the NCAA tournament games. When dinosaurs roamed the earth, the tourney was only watchable via the draconian means of one television channel that would do whiparound coverage.

Then we got March Madness on Demand in the early 2000s, and if your dial up wasn’t awful then you could watch the games, that is as long as long as there wasn’t too much of a spike in viewership.

MMOD is expected to attract one of the largest audiences in the history of live streaming events on the Internet. Capacity will be available to provide millions of video streams over the course of the Tournament. However, to manage a massive anticipated peak in demand during Thursday and Friday, March 16 and 17, access to the MMOD video player will be carefully managed using a “virtual waiting room.” When demand exceeds peak capacity — and this scenario is expected to occur — virtual lines will form.

But we are now in the golden age of watching television on literally anything other than a regular set-top box, and there are more ways than you can shake a stick at to do so. Congrats, friends. We’ve made it to March Madness.

You can watch on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, although watching on a watch may not be the most optimal experience.

CBS All Access will stream 24 games on its platform.

Amazon devices will have streams you can access on Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Tablets

Roku players and TV models are good to go, as are Microsoft Windows 10 mobile, desktop and XBox One.

Source : SBnation