Kemba Walker’s heroics for UConn. Butler’s incredible run to the National Championship game. In memory the 2011 NCAA Tournament feels like it was pretty good, but in reality it was the worst tournament of all time happening alongside cringe-worthy things in American cultural history. These are the moments you forgot.

Pitt fouls Butler 90 feet from the basket in a tie game for no reason.

Rebecca Black’s “Friday” became one of the most-watched videos of the year.

Two Cinderellas were forced to meet in the Final Four because life isn’t fair.

Meatloaf screamed at Gary Busey on the president’s old TV show.

And then just when you thought things couldn’t get worse UConn and Butler put on one of the worst National Championship games of all time.

It was the lowest-scoring National Championship game since 1949. We deserved better

Source : SBnation