North Carolina vs. Gonzaga should have been the exciting culmination of a tournament’s worth of hard work. Instead, it became a whistle-fest from the refs where it felt like every single possession was tainted by foul calls, and the pace of the game was destroyed. Almost everyone was upset with what transpired, especially basketball players.

A total of 44 fouls were called in the game, more than one per minute. The second half, in particular, was out of control, as every ticky-tack play got a whistle.

Dwyane Wade sums up what everyone wanted to see: Athletes getting to play basketball. Numerous times the announcers almost pleaded with the refs to just let Gonzaga and UNC play without interference.

As the game approached its final minutes, people began getting more and more upset.

It’s left some people feeling like the game was tainted due to the officiating. That the refs sapped all the fun out of what should have been an exciting game.

Source : SBnation