Let’s appreciate these five people!

Seems like all of Gainesville was hype after Florida’s incredible three-point buzzer beater sent the Gators to the Elite Eight. (This GIF probably captures every Gators fan mood right now.)

But these people in Las Vegas watching the game certainly look like they’ve won the lottery — or at least are about to cash in on their Florida-Wisconsin bets. (The line was set at 1.)

Wow, there’s a lot going on here. So let’s unpack and rank the best reactions.

5. “Pointing at the camera” man

Ah, yes. Throwback to the days when cameras pan over the student section and fans acting extra pumped up and then return to looking bored during television timeouts. (Me.)

But even though he wasn’t able to pivot his peers’ attention toward the camera (and was sort of on the outskirts of this group celebration), his enthusiasm was relatable and I appreciated this very much.

If you enjoy immersing yourself in this man’s happiness as I do, you might enjoy this SB Nation post.

4. “Windmill jumping jack” man

Forget dancing as if nobody’s watching. We should all add “celebrate like nobody’s celebrating” to our inspirational-quote Pinterest boards.

Bonus points for channeling his energy into a good workout.

3. “Squat” man

To be honest, I cannot confirm whether he is a different guy from person No. 4 because this celebration also looks like an exercise.

In that case, the headline is a lie, and I am sorry.

2. Poor lady hoping not to get crushed

Presented without comment.

1. Homeboy in the back

If you hadn’t read this post, would you really have noticed this dude raising the roof?

Source : SBnation