Holy crap the Rockets offense is good.

The Houston Rockets came two points from this season’s best half on an ESPN primetime game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. They scored 79 points on 73 percent shooting, including 11-of-18 from behind the three-point arc, and they did it all while taking ONE two-point shot outside the painted area.


The Rockets were poised to blow by this season’s high, which is 81 points — done by the Cavaliers on Nov. 23, the same night the Warriors scored 80 points in their first half. But Houston missed a couple makeable shots late that otherwise would have propelled them past that mark. Once, it looked like Patrick Beverley might be able to squeeze in a layup, and passed it up.

At the end of the half, Trevor Ariza’s half-court bomb was just barely too long.

Instead, they had to settle only for a 20-point lead at halftime and 12 missed shots (in 42 attempts) as they demolished the Thunder in that 1st half.

Source : SBnation