When you beat Duke, you get to do whatever you want online.

That would be a pretty spicy tweet even from an athletic department’s Twitter account, but from the entire university’s school-wide account? Piquant! Pinning it atop the page only adds to the warmth.

Makes sense, though. When you knock out national villain Duke, especially a Duke team that entered the year ranked No. 1, you strut your ass off like a large chicken.

And there’s more picante where that came from. This first one, sent mid-game, acknowledged Carolina’s role as America’s instant favorite team, seeing as it was playing Duke at the time:

And perhaps the sauciest of all:

As comparison, here are the hottest victory tweets sent by other university accounts with underdogs in the Sweet 16:

Those are not hot, though Wisconsin’s university account has gone damn radioactive:

The Carolina account’s pepperiness really took off when it dropped that HOW SHOOK poll on 10-seed mid-major Marquette, which is arguably more zesty than throwing a social media parade after beating the Evil Empire basketball team.

Pungent with seasoning!

And just in case you think it stops there, the Cocks are out here having woolly mammoths walk away from explosions like Vin Diesel, academically.


Source : SBnation