He is the No. 1 overall seed, and it’s not even close.

It’s the NCAA Tournament, and fans everywhere are getting out on the road to show their support for their favorite college basketball teams. During a first-round game between No. 7 St. Mary’s and No. 10 VCU, TBS’ cameras caught a glimpse of a beautiful VCU fan, whom I personally believe should be given the No. 1 overall seed for father of the year.


Apparently this Rams fan and his daughter are regulars at VCU games — his Twitter handle is VCU Papa, and they go to games regularly. Look at these two living their best lives, folks.

And speaking of his Twitter handle, his header photo is one of the cutest dang things I have ever seen.

Via @VCUPav

VCU looks like it may not win this one against St. Mary’s, but shoutout to this dad for giving us a hilarious moment during the first round. We salute you, Ram Dad.

Source : SBnation