Wish we coulda been there.

South Carolina beat Duke Sunday night in what is, to date, the biggest basketball win in school history. This is a school that hadn’t won a tournament game since Richard Nixon was in office, and not only did they win two this weekend, but they beat Duke in the process.

With that in mind, there was a celebration was in order Sunday night. Students got after it with no regard for Monday classes because truly, who has time for something like that?

The football team celebrated in their own way too, a nice showing of unity across sports.

And there was also a dinosaur crowd surfing, because of course there was.

And you bet they hit a Sandstorm-themed chant in front of the school library.

Now, the Gamecocks take the party to New York City in an attempt to reach to the Final Four. If they can, one can only wonder how wild the celebration will be in Columbia.

Source : SBnation