Auburn will play a football game against Mercer on Saturday (4 p.m. ET, SEC Network). The teams last played 95 years ago. Hopefully Mercer does better now.

Something fun for you to track on your college football Saturday during Week 3: Will Auburn maintain its average historical margin of victory against Mercer?

Auburn and Mercer used to have a somewhat regular meeting, and they’ve played 11 times. Auburn is 11-0. This is the thing: Their last game was in 1922, as Mercer’s program disappeared after 1941 and didn’t come back until 2013.

Before that, Mercer lost to Auburn teams by the following scores:

Those scores align with the historical record put out by the two teams, though there’s some dissent about whether Auburn’s 1922 win was 50-7 or 50-6. The Tigers’ game notes say 50-7, and they feature an old Opelika Daily News clipping that says it was 50-7. So we’ll go with that and say that Mercer did get all the way to seven points in 1922 — an all-time program record against Auburn.

So 506-12 all-time, or an average margin of 42-1.

A snippet from that Daily News article from the teams’ last meeting:

The Auburn Tigers paid little heed to the blazing summer sun at Drake Field Saturday and smashed the Mercer Baptists, 50 to 7. It was the first big game of the season at Auburn and several thousand spectators witnessed the battle.

The Baptists were without the services of Lancaster, Erwin, Poore and Cecil, who remained in Macon due to an attack of dengue fever. The Tigers played without Lawrence, Moulton and Regan. The former was called home because of illness while the latter two were out because of injuries.

Now the schools are playing again. Both are 1-1 to start the year.

Whether Auburn can maintain its dominance after 95 years off will be a thing to track on Saturday.

S&P+ projects the Tigers to win 48-6, which would be a 42-point margin of victory. So we’re going to be right on the edge here. Stay tuned for the potential drama at Jordan-Hare Stadium.