Spring scrimmages for college football teams are taking place across the country, and we’ve seen some special honorary members of the team score touchdowns. Last weekend, an Ohio State fan with muscular dystrophy scored the final touchdown of the Buckeyes’ spring scrimmage.

During the Baylor Bears’ spring game on Saturday, the team let Clint Lewis, a Bears staffer and longtime fan with Down Syndrome who has been with on the program for over 20 years, score a touchdown of his own. It was a very special moment indeed.

According to ESPN.com, Lewis scored his final touchdown with the song “Jump Around” by House of Pain coming through the speakers. The entire Bears team joined him on the field to celebrate, too.

“That’s a wonderful moment for Clint,” Baylor head coach Matt Rhule said via ESPN. “It wasn’t like we practiced that. I was really excited to see how much that really meant to our players. They kept dancing and dancing with him. It’s special when you know how much that person has given to you.”

Lewis joined the program back in 1995 as a volunteer staffer, and he’s been with the Bears program ever since. The 41-year-old is now an official staff member for the team, and he leads the team out on the field for each home game, and assists the equipment staff.

Kudos to the Bears for putting together this very special moment.