On Thursday night, Ohio State back-up quarterback Joe Burrow pointed out the irony of NCAA rules compared to what athletic departments generate. Burrow tweeted a link that cited a recent Wall Street Journal piece that values OSU’s athletic department at $1.5 billion.

What Burrow is referring to here is the NCAA rules regarding impermissible benefits — athletes are prohibited from accepting free meals, gifts, or things really, of any kind. Right on cue, Fox Sports’ Doug Gottlieb chimed in on Burrow’s tweet.

Burrow didn’t stay silent, either:

The WSJ article on OSU’s value cites an analysis by Ryan Brewer, who is an associate professor of finance at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus.

The debate of modifying NCAA rules (along with paying players in general) will continue to be a hot-button issue among fans, media members, and players alike. What Burrow does point out is one of the concepts that have gone along with this argument for some time — the fact that programs like OSU generating massive amounts of money while the student-athletes don’t get a penny from that revenue.

Burrow then had to tell Twitter that he needed to “get back to being a student” for the rest of the night.