Florida Gators’ dads & frat bros came out to fight each other during the LSU game

On Saturday, the Florida Gators came out looking to improve upon their record of 3-1 with a wounded LSU Tigers squad coming into town, who were fresh off losing to the Troy Trojans last weekend at home.

Game went down to the wire and Tigers pulled it out with a 17-16 fight to the end. That wasn’t the only fight to go down in Gainesville, Florida that day.

One Florida Gators dad seemingly had a disagreement with a frat bro outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, so they decided to settle things with violence. The Gators dad had the upper hand for a minute until the other frat bros came in for back-up.

As you can see in the back, there was another Gators dad with his hands full with another frat bro.

Via totalprosports.com