Former Notre Dame player sues school, Brian Kelly for negligence

The allegation by former LB Douglas Randolph stems from a 2015 spinal scan.

Former Fighting Irish linebacker Douglas Randolph is suing Notre Dame as well as his old coach Brian Kelly, alleging that the team concealed the real results of a spinal scan from him and forced him to return to play. Kelly is listed as defendant in the case, per The Indianapolis Star.

Randolph alleges that he was hit during a practice drill in September 2015 and “suffered numbness in his upper extremities.” The lawsuit says he informed trainer Rob Hunt of his symptoms and that Hunt dismissed the complaint. Hunt, the lawsuit said, pulled Randolph out of practice for two minutes before returning him to full participation.

The lawsuit states that Randolph’s symptoms continued after every impact he experienced on the field.

He had an MRI, and Hunt and a team doctor told Randolph it was safe for him to continue playing, the lawsuit said.

Randolph alleges that the results were not given to him, and as the season progressed his symptoms got worse, to the point that the pain was “incapacitating.”

Coaches forcing players to play through pain is, of course, nothing new. Just last December, Kevin Wilson was fired for concerns over player safety. We’ll see what happens with Randolph’s complaint.