The New York Jets are a very bad football team. When you’re bad at the professional level, good things can happen if you roll a seven and get the No. 1 pick in the draft.

Now you have to use the pick the right way, but if the Jets do get it (and they’re on their way to doing so starting the season at a disappointing 1-2) sometimes there’s a no-brainer player for you to take.

Some people believe that junior Sam Darnold is that no-brainer, for instance, our April mock draft had him going No. 1. So some Jets/Trojan fans are getting out ahead of things.

Some of the jerseys are very well done …

… others, like this one seen at College GameDay in New York City, less so.

Richard Johnson/SB Nation

But I was interested in what it would set me back to purchase one of these Darnold Jets jerseys, so I hopped on over to

One hundred fifty dollars is a pretty penny to spend on a player who very well might not end up becoming a New York Jet. He might not even enter the draft this season either.

I fancy the DIY approach, personally. Masking tape’s much cheaper.