Maryland’s had 5 QB ACL tears in 6 years and is now down to its 4th-stringer in Week 5

It’s a tough time in College Park. Again.

Maryland true freshman quarterback Kasim Hill is out for the season with a torn ACL, the team said Tuesday. The Terps have played three games this season, and they’ve now lost a QB to an ACL tear in two of them. Starter Tyrrell Pigrome tore one in the second half at Texas in Week 1. Hill replaced him, and now he’s done, too.

Let’s briefly recount the last six years of Maryland QB situations:


  • Starter Danny O’Brien transferred before the season
  • New starter C.J. Brown tore an ACL in fall camp
  • Second-stringer Perry Hills tore an ACL in the seventh game
  • Third-stringer Devin Burns hurt his foot in the seventh game
  • Fourth-stringer Caleb Rowe tore an ACL in the eighth game
  • A true freshman linebacker named Shawn Petty started the last four games. Maryland went 0-4 in those games, though Petty played better than some actual Maryland QBs.

2013 and 2014

Brown played the whole season. It didn’t go well, but at least he was healthy.


A combination of injuries and poor play required Maryland to use four quarterbacks, including one who’d later be moved to fullback and then linebacker.


Starter Hills left several games with injuries, throwing seven or fewer passes three times and missing one game. Backups Rowe and Pigrome dealt with injuries, too. Maryland had to start its fourth-stringer, freshman Max Bortenschlager, at Nebraska in November. That went as you’d expect, with Maryland losing 28-7.


Maryland’s got two ACL tears through three games. That’s on top of onetime starter Caleb Henderson, a four-star North Carolina transfer, being injured since the offseason. Maryland is once again on its fourth-string QB, though this time it only took three games. The Terps have one healthy scholarship QB: Bortenschlager, the new starter.

My heart breaks for Hill and Pigrome, who both seemed like they were on track for big seasons. They’ve now met the same seasonal fate lots of Maryland QBs meet.

This one stinks extra, because Maryland might’ve been good this year.

Someday, Maryland’s going to have a good quarterback not get hurt. But there’s now a real chance the Terps have to use a walk-on QB at some point during Big Ten play, if not dip into the non-QB ranks yet again to find one. A team that looked like it could win six or seven games after upsetting Texas in Week 1 is now in dire straits, again. This is nobody’s fault, but it’s a pretty huge shame.