Mizzou’s savage Tim Tebow sign stole the show from Ohio State’s ‘College GameDay’

Oh my.

This week, ESPN’s College GameDay is in Columbus in anticipation of Oklahoma-Ohio State during primetime. Buckeyes fans brought plenty of signs aiming their vitriol at Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield, and some signs included a reference to his arrest earlier this year. And even though GameDay is not at Mizzou, it had the most savage sign this week, aimed at Tim Tebow:


Anyway, here’s what Ohio State had to offer.

This fan seems like he’s never forgiven Apple for getting rid of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7:

This isn’t so much a joke on Mayfield than it is a self-own:

Well, you don’t have to play Grand Theft Auto V the way everyone else does:

Gotta cross-pollinate sports once in a while:

This is a good pun:

And of course, someone made a reference to Mayfield’s arrest earlier this year:

Probably unwise to joke about someone’s public intoxication. (See: J.T. Barrett in 2015.)

Shout out to this good dog:

Yet another Wenger Out sign out in the wild:

Right next to it is a self-aware poster:

Always love a good SpongeBob meme:

“Bob Stoops retired because of this game”:


A little fun fact about the U.S. highway system:

Good question, friend:


And it was a damn good phone back in the day!

Not sure about this dream fight:

Gotta get a Harry Potter reference in here:

Everyone’s a Broadway musical critic now:

And finally, the Ohio Bobcats played last night. Someone please guide this sign-holder home: