This is such an impolite thing to do to teammates.

Football is a game of adjustments and adjustments to those adjustments. Coaches spend lots of time seeking ways to deceive the opposition, and when the opposition figures it out, coaches need to find new means of deception. The Purdue Boilermakers have done that.

One method of deception is the flea-flicker, which teams at all levels have used to occasionally devastating effect. The New England Patriots threw a touchdown on one in the AFC Championship Game this year, and it’s a play that’s simple enough for even Pop Warner kids to run. It’s a popular gadget play, and defenses should be aware of the possibility that a given opponent’s going to run it.

That’s why this Purdue fake flea-flicker — which happened in Saturday’s spring game and thus doesn’t actually count for anything — is so delightfully mean.

When the running back, Tario Fuller, takes a handoff out of the pistol formation and turns back to his quarterback, a pitch is supposed to be coming. The back fakes that pitch, confounding the linebackers on the play. They have no chance, and he runs right through them. It’s so rude to do this to your own teammates, especially in a spring game where defensive packages are probably quite vanilla.

I have no clue if Purdue will run this play in actual football games. That the Boilermakers were willing to put it on television during their spring game doesn’t encourage me, but anything’s possible. New head coach Jeff Brohm coaches a fun brand of offense, so it makes sense that the Boilers will be fun soon, too.

Source : SBnation