Tennessee got dumptrucked against Georgia in a game that went to halftime at 24-0 and ended 41-0. That score might not surprise you. This video of Tennessee fans scrapping shouldn’t either.

Ol’ boy in the overalls took a good licking, but he bounced back to get his money’s worth. Credit to him.

This is not the first time Tennessee fans have resorted to fisticuffs during a Vols game. They recently did so in a win during the bowl game against Nebraska.

Neyland Stadium has turned into a checkerboarded factory of sadness on the Tennessee River. And those who clocked in for a shift to watch this whoopin’ are letting their voices be heard with some lusty boos.

Folks in creamsicle orange are very much beside themselves, whether they’re resorting to violence or not.

When asked by CBS about the boo birds, Butch Jones said of his team: “They’re prideful. They’ll rally.”

We’ll see. For now, the fans in the stands have much more fight than the team on the field.

Via SBNation.com