In a week in which Tennessee head coach Butch Jones said his team just had “one of the best bye weeks in a long time,” along with inventing the term “leadership rep,” a Vol wide receiver has just provided us with more material. The Vols play South Carolina this week, who has a talented CB in Rashad Fenton. Tennessee receiver Tyler Byrd had some trash talk for him on Twitter.

Fenton, who currently leads South Carolina’s defense with six pass breakups, hasn’t allowed a touchdown all season while he’s been in coverage, so Fenton Island could really be legit when describing his play so far.

What are Byrd’s stats you’re probably wondering? On the season he has just two receptions for 21 yards and a touchdown. That’s right — two catches. Weeeelllp. Kudos to Jack McGuire for pointing out this whole irony on Twitter.

This hasn’t been the first time Byrd’s tweets have gone viral this season. After the Vols’ 41-0 loss at home to Georgia, their worst Knoxville defeat in 112 years, UGA played the SEC’s other Tennesseean school, Vanderbilt, last week. Unlike Tennessee, Vanderbilt managed to score against the Bulldogs. Byrd recognized the irony here:

We’ll have to wait and see who gets the upper hand in Saturday’s matchup between Byrd and Fenton!