College football’s final week before Playoff rankings arrive is a pretty loaded one, at least in the middle of Saturday. There’s plenty to work with elsewhere in Week 9, though. Let’s get to it.

Below, the Watch Grid attempts to sort your Saturday for you by categorizing each game’s watchability, along with basic viewing info.

Saturday, Oct. 28 college football schedule

Early shift

PEW PEW PEW! Jolt yourself awake with touchdowns!!! Elsewhere, Arkansas and Ole Miss are bad, but this series gets STUPID. And Louisville-Wake Forest has actual bad blood.

Middle shift

The obvious game of the week is backed by a loaded group. This is one of the best time slots of the year so far.

Late shift

Either of those top-10 vs. Tech games could be your main primetimer, but let’s go with the ground-based one after starting our day off so horizontally. Meanwhile, Tennessee and Nebraska race to fire coaches, and the Arizona schools race to claim first place in the Pac-12 South. What? Yeah, look it up.