For most of us, when we were college students, going to class wasn’t exactly the most exciting thing. Sometimes, where you sat in the classroom matched how invested you were in the class — the further back you sat, the less likely you were to pay attention.

Now I can’t say that is true for Penn State football players, but Nittany Lions head coach James Franklin came into some of his players’ class to inform them that they should be sitting in the front of the class, not the back, per team rules.

Franklin has been seen keeping a close eye on his players’ class attendance. A couple of years ago, he tweeted at one of his players to make sure he made it to class on time.

After this from Franklin, I’m sure more Penn State players will be inclined to sit in the front.

Personally, I absolutely loathed sitting in the front of my classes, but I never had James Franklin yelling at me about it.

Source : SBnation