Shooter McGavin is a fictitious character from the movie Happy Gilmore, the consensus second-best golf movie of all time. Aaron Rodgers is a real, living quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.

In the movie, McGavin is a star professional golfer who becomes a nemesis to Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore, a hockey-loving pugilist who storms onto the pro golf scene and eventually beats Shooter in the also-fictional Tour Championship. McGavin’s legacy has lived on, in the form of a parody Twitter account with more than 300,000 followers.

What follows is a play-by-play of a Twitter war between McGavin (who’s not real) and Rodgers (who is) on Wednesday and Thursday.

Strap in, this will take some time.

It begins with the news that Rodgers is cutting back on playing golf. That gets McGavin — a passionate ambassador for the sport — involved.

In this scene from the movie, Happy has just beaten Shooter to win the championship with a preposterous putt. McGavin steals the champion’s gold jacket (like the green jacket at the Masters, get it?) and tries to run away with it. He is chased down by Mr. Larson, a friend of Happy’s who is leading an angry mob in hot pursuit.

Let’s return to the back-and-forth:

Rodgers responds by making a couple of grisly accusations.

McGavin responds in two parts:

I’m skeptical of this. McGavin probably put the guy up to it. But there’s been no legal proceeding finding McGavin guilty of a conspiracy, so he’s in the clear. The statute of limitations on ordering someone to run over a competitor in a car has passed, since this movie was filmed in the 1990s. Shooter got away with it, if he did it.

Here’s where McGavin has a point: Chubbs’ tragic death was the result of Gilmore showing him the severed head of an alligator that had previously bitten off Chubbs’ head, sending him backward in fear and through a window to his death. There’s no indication that McGavin was involved in any way in Chubbs’ passing.

McGavin isn’t putting up with this, ahem, allegation.

Rodgers took issue with McGavin’s characterization of the car chase down.

There were, indeed, a couple of naked bikers getting it on in the woods off the 17th hole while McGavin was trying to execute his short game.

McGavin’s not having it.

I’ve never been to Lambeau Field, but this has probably happened.

Happy did knock the hell out of Bob Barker, though he also got some back.

Happy also sunk a putt to ruin McGavin’s life after a camera tower fell between his ball and the hole. It was a remarkable feat of concentration.

McGavin’s being a baby now.

Rodgers makes another strong point here. Happy beat out Shooter for Virginia, the movie’s main love interest, and Shooter responded by trying to have sex with Happy’s grandma. It wasn’t a classy move, and Shooter’s still being inappropriate.

Things got petty from there. Rodgers is dismissing the authenticity of the clip that shows Barker dropping his ass, and McGavin is denying his involvement with the guy who he probably put up to trying to kill Gilmore with a car.

It’s clap-back season, folks.

Hope this happens:

Hope this doesn’t:

And a good time was had by all.

I score this a victory for Rodgers, who gets to go on being a millionaire quarterback and a real, living entity. But McGavin put up a feisty showing.